AWS Account Automations

Tools to Automate your AWS Account
GitHub Repo:

  • AccountAlertTopics will create three SNS Topics (Critical, Error, Info) and stack export them to be used in other templates. It can optionally deploy a lambda that will push the published messages to a slack channel

  • AuditRole creates a generic security auditor role for an account. QuickLink Deploy

  • BillingBucket creates a bucket in your payer account for billing reports and applies the appropriate Bucket Policy. QuickLink Deploy

  • CloudTrailTemplate creates a CloudTrail following industry best practices. It creates the S3 bucket, a Customer Managed Key for the events, enables log validation and multi-region support and will send events to CloudWatch Logs. QuickLink Deploy

  • CloudWatchAlarmsForCloudTrailAPIActivity Deploys multiple CloudWatch Alarms for CloudTrail events that happen in your account. Requires CloudTrail to be feeding a LogGroup and the AccountAlertTopics stack to be deployed. QuickLink Deploy

  • EBSAutomatedTagging - probably not useful since AWS will autotag EBS volumes now

  • IAM-ExpireUsers - Work in progress to automatically handle users that have not changed their password or rotated access keys

  • requireMFA will deploy a IAM User Group and Lambda that will prevent users without MFA from doing anything in the account

  • SESRuleToSlack Creates and SES Email receiving rule/rulset to accept all email for a domain, invoke a lambda function that sends a summary of the email to Slack. Useful for when you might get an important notice, but you don’t really need to interact from a domain.